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Modeling Spatial Uncertainty

Chiles, J.-P. ; Deliner, P.

New York: John Wiley & Sons. Inc, 1999.

695 Seiten
ISBN: 0-471-08315-1
unverbindl. Preis: 91,4 EUR

In closing, my comments may suggest that I do not think that this is a 'good' book. This is not, in fact, the message that I wish to convey. Clearly I do not have the requisite background to fully appreciate this book. However, I can imagine that there is a group of people out there somewhere - albeit an extremely small group - who will be extremely grateful to the authors for having produced this book. The authors` in-depth knowledge of the theoretical foundation of the subject(s) covered, als well as their enthusiasm for Geostatistics is obvious throughout the book. I can certainly imagine the book being used as a text for upper level graduate courses in spatially oriented Geology departments worldwide. However, individuals who are looking for a 'how to' book on kriging, or an explanation of concepts like 'drift' and 'stationarity' in laymen's terms will be quite disappointed.

Reviewed by Kim Lowel in Transactions in GIS
Centre de recherche en geomatique
Universit Laval, Canada and
Department of Geospatial Sciences
RMIT University, Melboerne, Australia

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