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Internet GIS: Distributed Geographic Information Services for the Internet and Wireless Networks

Zhong-Ren Peng, Ming-Hsiang Tsou

1. Auflage.

John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2004.

720 Seiten
ISBN: 0-471-35923-8
unverbindl. Preis: 90 USD

A complete and applicable guide to Internet GIS technology and software.
Internet GIS addresses a suite of emerging new technologies aimed at making GIS more mobile, powerful, and flexible, as well as better able to share and communicate geographic information. This groundbreaking book is the first of its kind to thoroughly cover basic Internet GIS issues - such as state-of-the-art technology, implementation practices, applications, and data, as well as future trends in Internet GIS - in preparation for using and getting the most out of newly available, off-the-shelf Internet GIS software packages.

Broad, in-depth coverage of Internet GIS introduces basic network architecture, establishes a practical framework for applications, and demonstrates how the technology functions in the real world. One-of-a-kind material features:

- Thirty-three informative case studies illustrating applied techniques
- Product reviews of software packages performing in a variety of applications and environments
- Web resources and references at the end of each chapter
More than a fundamentals book, this progressive text discusses application development, metadata, recent open standard initiatives, and methods for ensuring that current systems will be compatible with future trends.

Internet GIS offers professionals and students a peerless guide to navigating both the field and the best technology available.

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