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Integrated GPS/GIS

A Guide to GPS, GIS, and Data Logging

Thurston, J. ; Poiker, T. K.; Moore, J. P.

1. Auflage.

John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2004.

280 Seiten
ISBN: 0471244090

A complete, uniquely integrated approach to geotechnologies.

Packed with basic theory and real-world applications, Integrated Geospatial Technologies uses a unique, integrative framework to present a balanced approach to such geotechnologies as GIS, GPS, digital photogrammetry, and visualization. The practical mix of theory and nuts-and-bolts information in this book will jump-start professionals into taking full advantage of the rich and affordable data-collecting opportunities now available since the deactivation of Selective Availability.

This highly visual resource offers informative line drawings, photographs of equipment and hardware, screenshots, and sidebars underscoring important points. Enlightening discussions by an international group of authors focus on the core theory of GPS and GIS, without being overly technical or software/hardware specific. With numerous case studies illustrating how to apply a variety of technologies, protocol, and standard practices to real-world projects, Integrated Geospatial Technologies answers such questions as:

How do spatial technologies come together?
Where can remotely sensed images be used?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of using remotely sensed images?
Which data can be used for visualization purposes and how can it be acquired?
How can data be used on the Internet?

Integrated Geospatial Technologies is an essential resource for every professional working with GIS today, as well as students studying these technologies in a variety of fields, including geography, land-use planning, ecology, biology, economics, public administration, natural resources, forestry, surveying, and archaeology.

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