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Computer Processing of Remotely-Sensed Images

An Introduction

Mather, P.M.

3. Auflage.

John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2004.

440 Seiten
ISBN: 0-470-84919-3

Remotely-sensed images of the Earth’s surface provide information about the geographical distribution and properties of natural and cultural features. Computer processing takes place after the images have been collected, and depends on their physical properties and the applications for which they will be used. Computer Processing of Remotely-Sensed Images is the third edition of this highly regarded textbook.
This fully revised and updated edition deals with the mechanics of processing remotely-sensed images. Presented in an accessible manner, this book covers a wide range of image processing and pattern recognition techniques. A number of examples are included on the accompanying CD to illustrate the practical use of specific techniques. New topics include LiDAR data processing, SAR interferometry, the analysis of imaging spectrometer image sets and the use of the wavelet transform.

The accompanying CD-ROM has been further developed to include:

Updated MIPS software, including modules for standard procedures such as image display, filtering, image transforms, graph plotting, import of data from a range of sensors.
A set of exercises, including data sets, (contributed by Dr M. Koch, Center for Remote Sensing, Boston University) illustrating the application of discussed methods using the MIPS software.
An extensive list of WWW resources including colour illustrations for easy download.
This is an essential textbook for upper level undergraduate and Masters students taking courses in Remote Sensing, in departments of Geography, Earth and Environmental Science. Researchers and professionals working on the processing and classification of with remotely-sensed data, will also greatly benefit from the guidance contained in this text.

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