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Terrain Analysis

Principles and Applications

Wilson, J.P., Gallant, J.C.

New York: John Wiley & Sons. Inc, 2000.

468 Seiten
ISBN: 0-471-32188-5
unverbindl. Preis: 102,5 EUR

This book provides a comprehensive and authoratative treatment of the principles and practicalities of analysing digital terrain data. The text ist clearly written, drawing on an consolidated bibliography that for the first time brings together threads from Australian, North American and European research.

In summary, this is a single pedagogic reference on digital terrain modelling, emphasising the analysis of elevation models to derive descriptors of terrain that can be used to explore environmental processes and patterns. Previous texts have focused either on terrain model construction, or derived terrain descriptors but without establishing their significance for understanding environmental processes. With gridded DEM data potentially available worldwide from sources such as the Topographic SAR Shuttle Mission, the number of researchers using digital terrain analysis methods is set to increase. The wide range of material included and the balanced discussion of all approaches is a sign of the depth of experience of the authors, who have assembled here an enduring guide for researchers working with digital elevation data in many fields where terrain is known to exert an influence.

Reviewed by Neil Stuart in Transactions in GIS
Department of Geography
University of Edinburgh

Uniquely describes the applications of GIS to terrain analysis problems, offering specific instruction to GIS users on how to make optimal use of GIS for a whole range of practical problems. Also details related technologies such as GPS and remote sensing, with descriptions of these new approaches to terrain analysis.

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