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Bringing Geographical Informations Systems into Business

Grimshaw, D. J.

Second Edition.

New York: John Wiley & Sons. Inc, 1999.

360 Seiten
ISBN: 0-471-33342-5
unverbindl. Preis: 110 USD

This is the second edition of the 1994 book originally published by Longman Scientific and Technical (Wiley acquired Longman`s GIS list in the late 1990's). The first edition of the same name was well received by the GIS community as an early text that grappled with business issues and the substantive aspects of GIS applications.

This book appeal most to students and professionals interested in an overview of business applications of GIS. It provides useful adjunct reading for those wishing to explore this important area in more detail than a one or two semester general course at the intermediate level will allow. Students who want a more advanced treatment founded in mathematical modeling techniques will need to look further. If you already have a copy of the first edition I would not bother to upgrade unless you really are a fanatical follower of the field.

Reviewed by David J Maguire in Transactions in GIS
Environmental Systems Research Institute
Redlands, California

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