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Exploring Geographic Information Systems

Chrisman, N.

2nd edition.

London: John Wiley & Sons. Inc, 2001.

320 Seiten
ISBN: 0471314250
unverbindl. Preis: 73,95 USD

Examines the manipulations that support analytical uses of GIS, as well as discussing operations that connect the practical exercises in the book professional applications of GIS techniques in bureaucratic, social and cultural contexts.
. Provides a wide range of examples an applications to help readers understand technical
. Presents a reorganised an rewritten first section, providing a logical flow for covering and
explaining important theoretical concepts
. Includes new material on database structure and DBMS

Part 1: Building Blocks of Geographic Information: Introduction; Reference Systems for Measurement; Measurement Frameworks; Representation
Part 2: Transformations And Operations: Attribute-based Operations; Overlay: Integration of Disparate Sources; Distance Transformations; Surfaces an Near Neighbors; Comprehensive Operations; Transformations
Part 3: The Broader Arena: Evaluation and Implementation; Social and Institutional Interactions

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